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English essay on pollution for students:

It is vital to know the impact of human activities on the environment to become responsible nationals. Therefore, the student should be aware of the pollution in this world these days. The students should know how to write a compelling English essay on pollution.’ It is necessary to know about pollution to find solutions for this problem.

English essay on pollution:

Nowadays, pollution has become a severe yet widespread topic. However, the breakdown has been in various forms for a prolonged time, such as wildfire and volcanic eruptions leading to multiple impacts on the surroundings. The contemporary situation is that pollution rises daily because of different contaminants resources. Moreover, humans continuously make industries and machines, which are the primary reason for pollutants. Therefore, it is a universal truth that pollution severely damages mother earth. Consequently, we, humans, should stop it from occurring. So in this “English essay on pollution,” you will know everything about this hazard to the environment.

What is Pollution?

Pollution is the existence of pollutants in the planet’s biological environment that cause damage and impairment, leading to negative changes. Pollution decreases the quality of life of every organism on the earth.

Types of pollution:

Many types of pollution hurt this planet. Significant types of pollution include air pollution, light pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, litter, noise pollution, plastic pollution, radioactive contamination, thermal pollution, and visual pollution. In this essay, you will know about these significant kinds of pollution.

  1. Air Pollution
  2. Water Pollution 
  3. Soil Pollution
  4. Noise pollution

Air pollution:

Air Pollution occurs due to the release of chemicals and particulates. The leading cause of air pollution is toxic gasses, contaminated dust and dirt, and vehicle emissions. Besides, major air pollutants include carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and carbon dioxide. These pollutants in the air are harmful to the health of humans and other living beings. In addition, gases including carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, methane, carbon dioxide, and chlorofluorocarbons are air pollution. Air pollution can also grow the risk of psychiatric disorders such as depression. Moreover, air pollution is one of the top reasons for human death because it causes almost 4.21 million deaths yearly.

Water pollution:

Water Pollution or aquatic pollution happens by the discharge of toxic substances in various water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, etc. The primary source of water pollution is detergents, Fertilizers, Industrial waste, insecticides and pesticides, mining activities, and marine dumping. When inadequately treated wastewater gets mixed into the natural waters, then it can lead to the degradation of these aquatic ecosystems. The deficiency of clean drinking water is a tremendous problem globally because roughly 785 million people can not drink clean water due to water pollution. Water pollution is of two types: surface water pollution and groundwater pollution. Surface water pollution is the pollution of oceans, rivers, and lakes.

Soil pollution:

Soil pollution happens due to contaminants like hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and chlorinated hydrocarbons in the soil. Human-made chemicals also cause soil pollution in the natural soil of the earth. In addition, Industrial activities and improper disposal of waste are also causes of soil pollution. Soil pollution can be caused by microplastics less than 5 mm in length. In addition, oil spills, acid rain, petrochemicals, and waste disposals are soil pollution. Nuclear waste is a dangerous waste that contains radioactive material, and it is very harmful to natural soil. Electronic waste is a type of waste that includes discarded electrical or electronic devices that can lead to unfavorable human health effects and environmental pollution. It also occurs by many human activities like pesticides in agriculture.

Noise pollution:

It is the spread of noise with varying impacts on the activity of animals and humans, most of them unhealthy. Machines, construction, and transportation are the primary source of outdoor noise pollution globally. Research indicates that noise pollution in America is the most elevated in low-income and racial minority communities.

Effects of pollution on human health:

There are various adverse effects of pollution on the health and life of humans. For example, pollution causes different types of deadly diseases. Besides, the harmful air, water, and soil quality are very denatured for many organisms, including humans. As a result, many respiratory diseases, cardiovascular disease, throat inflammation, chest pain, and congestion can happen due to pollution.

Effects of air pollution:

Air is an essential part of everyone’s life because, without air, we can not breathe. However, dirty air can lead to a significant health problem for humans. It can cause allergies, dangerous diseases, and even the death of animals and humans. These are the name of some significant illnesses caused due to air pollution.

Heart disease: 

Air pollution can cause cardiovascular disorders such as artery blockages leading to heart attacks and death. Long-term exposure to polluted air at levels close to the NAAQS can prematurely age blood vessels and quickly build calcium in the coronary artery.

Lung cancer: 

If a person stays in contact with polluted outdoor air for years, then he can get the disease of lung cancer. Air pollution causes approximately one in ten cases of lung cancer.


A illness of the lungs’ airways can ensue by the polluted air. Air pollution can create asthma symptoms that are more menacing and trigger asthma attacks.

Respiratory problems: 

This type of pollution can cause infectious diseases involving the respiratory tract. Air contaminants can upset your airways and may cause wheezing, coughing, chest pain, and shortness of breath.

Effects of water pollution:

Water covers almost seventy percent of the earth’s surface, and the human body is of sixty to seventy percent water. Therefore, water is also a vital part of life, and we can not survive without drinking water. But, on the other hand, lousy water can have a horrible effect on every organism on the earth. These are the name of some major diseases caused due to water pollution.


Drinking polluted water and eating food washed in dirty water can develop typhoid fever.
Cholera is a critical diarrhoeal disease induced by polluted water infected with Vibrio.


The poliovirus travels in water, and it can spread by drinking water polluted with the feces of an infected person. Dysentery transpires through fecal contamination of drinking water, usually in poor regions with inadequate sanitation.


Diarrhea typically happens when someone drinks water polluted by feces.


This disease occurs by ingestion of polluted water or directly touching an infectious individual.

Effects of soil pollution:

Soil is also an essential part of the life of every creature that lives on earth. However, soil Pollution also has many harmful effects on human health. For example, many respiratory diseases can happen due to contaminated soil, like skin diseases and other diseases. In addition, polluted soil can also lead to water pollution when rain carries the contaminated soil and enters different water resources.

Effect of noise pollution:

Noise pollution affects human and living animals’ health, physiological health, and behavior. It can develop several illnesses, such as hypertension, high-stress levels, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other dangerous and unsettling outcomes.

What are the Ways to Lessen Pollution?

There are different methods to reduce pollution on this planet. By using these methods, we can decrease pollution.

Methods to reduce Air Pollution:

Use of public transport or cycle:

We should use public transportation rather than our private mode of transportation to reduce the harmful gases released into the environment. If possible, we should walk or use a bicycle because walking and cycling can improve our health and benefit the environment. So we should use this type of transportation to reduce air pollution.

Phase-out of fossil fuel vehicles:

We should use electric vehicles rather than fossil fuel vehicles to reduce the harmful gases produced by fossil fuel vehicles.

Electric power generation:

We use to generate electric power from burning fossil fuels, so replacing it with power generation from nuclear and renewable will be very beneficial for the environment.

Strategies to reduce water pollution:

Reduce use of detergents and chemicals:

We should reduce detergents that use harmful chemicals to cause soil pollution. Polluted soil also is a reason for water pollution.

Sanitation and sewage treatment:

Sewage treatment plants treat municipal wastewater or sewage. Waste stabilization ponds are a cost-effective alternative for the treatment of sewage.

Industrial wastewater treatment:

It is necessary to treat the wastewater produced by the industries properly. Untreated industrial wastewater can not be released to surface water in the environment.

Agricultural wastewater treatment:

Agricultural wastewater treatment is a treatment for controlling pollution from confined animal operations.

Ways to Reduce Soil Pollution:

Sustainable foodstuffs:

To reduce soil pollution, we should start eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables and generates less waste.


We can recycle most batteries, but they can pollute the soil if we throw them out there. We should adequately recycle batteries to reduce soil pollution.

Dispose of drugs:

We should only dispose of drugs in a suitable place for this purpose.


So these above are the significant types of pollution. after reading this ‘English essay on pollution, you learn about the effects of the different kinds of pollution on the life of humans.

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