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Kanha National Park is among the most delicate wildlife areas globally. It is also the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh, with a 941 square Kilometer expansion. Besides, This National Park is also called Kanha Tiger Reserve or Kanha–Kisli National Park.


Where is Kanha National park:

Kanha National park location: Kanha National park is in the Maikal range of Satpuras in the Madhya Pradesh state of India. Besides, The current area of Kanha Tiger Reserve includes two protected areas. Accordingly, the first area is 250 square Kilometer in Hallon Valley and the second area is 300 square Kilometer in Banjar Valley. But Nowadays, The National park possesses an area of 940 square Kilometer in the two districts, Mandla and Balaghat of Madhya Pradesh.

kanha national park nearest airport and railway station:

kanha national park nearest airport:

The nearest airport of this region is Jabalpur, 160 km away from Kanha national park. also Nagpur airport is 265 km away from Kanha national park.

Kanha national park nearest railway station:

Gondia and Jabalpur are the two nearest railway stations from Kanha National Park. Gondia Railway Station is 145 km away from Kanha national park. also, Jabalpur Railway Station is 160 Km away from Kanha national park.

Kanha National park famous for:

Kanha National Park, or Kanha Tiger Reserve, is one of the best tiger reserves in India. Likewise, the Tiger Reserve is the most tourism-friendly national park in India. So, Kanha Tiger Reserve is renowned for its variety of wild lives, flora, reptiles, fishes, and birds. It is also famous for the Royal Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, sloth bear, barasingha, and the wild dog dhole.

In addition, a most notable writer and novelist of 18th century Rudyard Kipling once visited The national park. Consequently, The wildlife of Kanha Tiger Reserve inspired him to write his famous novel “The Jungle Book.” Furthermore, This Tiger Reserve is home to over 1000 species of flowering plants.

Amazing Mammals in Kanha Tiger Reserve:

  • Barasingha
  • Barking Deer
  • Black Buck
  • Barasingha
  • Barking Deer (Muntjak)
  • Common Mongoose
  • Common Palm Civet
  • Chousingha
  • Chital
  • Flying Squirrel
  • Fulvous Fruit Bat
  • Greater False Vampire
  • Gaur
  • Hyena
  • Indian Tree Shrew, Indian Wolf, Indian Porcupine, Indian Pipistrelle, Indian Pangolin, Indian Flying Fox
  • Indian-Hare
  • Indian Fox
  • Jackal
  • Jungle Cat
  • Langur
  • Leopard
  • Langur
  • Nilgai
  • Panther
  • Ruddy Mongoose
  • Ratel
  • Sambar
  • Sloth Bear
  • Sambar
  • Small Indian Civet
  • Sloth Bear
  • Tiger
  • Tiger
  • Wild Dog, Wild Pig, Wild Boar

Exciting Reptiles in Kanha Tiger Reserve:

  • Common Rat Snake
  • Common Skink
  • Fan Throated Lizard
  • Indian Cobra, Indian Krait, Indian Monitor, Indian Garden Lizard
  • Python
  • Russell’s Viper

Beautiful birds in Kanha Tiger Reserve:

  • Black ibis
  • Bee-eaters
  • Blossom-headed parakeets
  • Cattle egret
  • Common teal
  • Crested serpent eagle
  • Drongos
  • Grey hornbill
  • Indian peafowl
  • Indian roller
  • Lesser adjutant
  • Little grebes
  • Lesser whistling teal
  • Minivets
  • Malabar pied hornbill
  • Mynas
  • Pond herons
  • Pigeon
  • Paradise flycatchers
  • Red junglefowl
  • Red-wattled lapwing
  • Steppe eagle
  • Tickell’s blue flycatcher
  • Vultures
  • White-eyed buzzard
  • White-breasted kingfisher
  • White-browed fantail
  • Wood shrikes
  • Warblers
  • Woodpeckers

Places to visit near Kanha Tiger Reserve:

Kanha Museum:

One of the major museums of Kanha is the Kanha Museum is near the Kisli gate and inside the Kanha National Park. The Forest Department of Madhya Pradesh maintains this park. For example, If you are interested in animal history, this place is best for you. Moreover, The museum remains open every day from 9 am to 6 pm throughout the year for the visitors. Additionally, It is 11km from the Kanha National Park.


Mandla is a town in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. It is also among the best tourist goals near Kanha National Park. In addition, Mandla is famous for sky-high forts and sacred temples. Besides, It is 35 km from Kanha tiger reserve.

Kawardha Palace:

Kawardha is a stunning 20th-century palace Sprawled over an 11-acre of lush green territory in the district of Kabirdham in Chhattisgarh state, India. Furthermore, Italian marble and stone make this place more gorgeous. Finally, it is 91 km from the Kanha tiger reserve.

Best time to visit Kanha National park:

Kanha Tiger Reserve kept open for visitors from 16th October to 30th June and closed during the Jul-mid Oct monsoon. Suppose you want to see the Royal Bengal tiger; the most suitable time to visit Kanha Tiger Reserve for this purpose is the month of April and May. But the temperature in April and May can be a little hot for tourists. The minimum temperature from April to May is 22°C, and the maximum is 40°Cs. So most visitors come from November to March because the temperature in these months remains between 14°C to 33°C.

From 16th October to 15th February, the morning safari is from sunrise to 11:00 am, and the afternoon is 02:00 pm to sunset. While, 16th February to 15th April, the morning safari timing is from morning to 11:00 am, and afternoon timing is 03 pm to dusk. Besides, From 16th April to 30th June, the morning safari timing is from sunrise to 11:00 am, and afternoon timing is 03:30 pm to sunset.

Kanha National park resort (Kanha National park hotels):

Kanha Tiger Reserve resorts are mesmerizing places to relax for wildlife and nature lovers. Besides, these resorts are the most fantastic and relaxing lodgings to make your voyage more booming.

Budget Hotels & Resorts in Kanha Tiger Reserve:

Budget resorts include:

Motel Chandan:

Motel Chandan is Near Forest Entry Gate and opposite Aranyak Art Emporium in Khatia, Madhya Pradesh.

Wild Mark Resort:

Wild Mark Resort is near Maratha Restaurant in Mocha village of Madhya Pradesh.

Kanha Kishkindha:

Kanha Kishkindha is near Bus stand, 359/1 in Village Mochab of Madhya Pradesh.

Grand Tiger Resort:

Grand Tiger Resort is on NH 26, Near Mukki Gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve, Manjitola, Madhya Pradesh

Standard Hotels & Resorts in Kanha Tiger Reserve

Standard Resorts includes:

Pugmark Resort Kanha:

Pugmark resort is in Khatia village, near the Kisli entrance gate of the Kanha Tiger Reserve.

Taal Tiger Retreat:

Taal Tiger Retreat is near Khatiya Gate in Bichhiya tehsil in Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh. In addition, two vast and beautiful lakes surround it.

Satya Ashoka Resort:

Satya Ashoka Resort is near the Kisli gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve in Khatia village. Besides, It is 0.1 km from Kanha National Park.

Kanha Meadows Retreat:

Kanha Meadows Retreat is near Mukki Gate of Kanha National Park and Manjitola in Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh.

Grand Tiger Resort:

Grand Tiger Resort is on NH 26, Near Mukki Gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve and Manjitola in Madhya Pradesh.

M K Resort:

M K Resort is on Chiraidongri – Kanha Road, Near Khatia Gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve.

Mogli Resort Kanha:

Mogli Resort Kanha is in Village-Khatia and near the Khatiya gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve.

Sanjay Tiger Resort:

This resort is near village Mocha in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh.

Hotel Kanha Resort:

This resort is on Chapri road and near Khatia Gate in Mocha.

Kanha Village Eco Resort:

This resort is in Mocha, near village Boda Chhapri in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh.

Delux Hotels & Resorts in Kanha National park:

Deluxe resorts include

Tuli Tiger Resort:

It is near Mocha village in Bichhiya Tehsil of Mandla district in Madhya Pradesh.

Muba Resort:

It is near the Mukki gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve in Mukki, Madhya Pradesh.

Koushalya Resort Kanha:

It is on Mocha Chappri Road, Khatiya Narangi, 481111, Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Tiger Woods Resort & Spa:

It is near the Khatia entrance gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve. 

Bundela Safari Lodge:

It is in Bicchiya of Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh.

Wild Chalet Resort:

It is in Kisli, near Kanha Tiger Reserve, Mocha, Madhya Pradesh.

Krishna Jungle Resort:

It is on Chiraidongri – Kanha Rd, Mocha, Madhya Pradesh.

Celebration Van Vilas:

It is near Kanha Tiger Reserve, Khatia Gate, Chiraidongri – Kanhav Rd, Mocha Village, Madhya Pradesh.

High-End Hotels & Resorts in Kanha National park:

Banjaar Tola:

It is near Kanha Tiger Reserve, Manjitola Mukki, Baihar, Madhya Pradesh

Singinawa Jungle Lodge:

It is in Kohka, Tehsil Baihar, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Shergarh Tented Camp:

It is near Kanha Tiger Reserve and Village Bahmni Post Kareli, Tehsil Baihar, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh.

Tuli Tiger Corridor:

In Pench National Park Village-Avarghani, Post-Turia, Seoni, Kohka, Madhya Pradesh.

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Kanha National park:

The Baagh Resort:

It is near the Mukki Gate of Kanha Tiger Reserve in Tehsil Baihar in the Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh.

Kanha Jungle Lodge:

It is near M.P. Tourism in Mukki, Manjitola, Madhya Pradesh.

Kanha Earth Lodge:

It is near Kanha Tiger Reserve, P.O. Sarekha, Madhya Pradesh.

Chitvan Jungle Lodge:

It is near Kanha Tiger Reserve, in Samnapur of Madhya Pradesh.

Kipling Camp:

It is near Kanha Tiger Reserve in Mocha of Madhya Pradesh.

Infinity Resort Kanha:

It is near Village Baherakhar and Baihar of Dist. Balaghat of Madhya Pradesh.

Kanha National park safari:

Kisli safari zone:

in Morning Shifts, the Kisli safari zone permits 18 vehicles to enter Kanha Tiger Reserve. Similarly, in the afternoon shift, it allows 18 cars.

Kanha safari zone:

The Kanha safari zone allows 40 vehicles to enter Kanha National Park in the morning shift. Likewise, it will enable 40 cars in the Afternoon Shift.

Mukki safari zone:

Mukki safari zone offers permission to 40 vehicles to enter Kanha National Park in the morning shift. In the same way, It allows 40 cars in the afternoon shift.

Sarhi safari zone:

Sarhi safari zone permits 27 vehicles to enter Kanha National Park in the morning shift. Besides, It allows 27 in the afternoon.

In this article, you read about many things about the Kanha national park. Suppose you plan to visit this national park, then take advantage of the information provided in this article. So, This article will help guide you throw out your trip to Kanha national park.

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